lundi 20 avril 2009

The Italian International Fashion Tour started

The Italian International Fashion Tour started

Annemarie Perenti exclusive producter of the BESTYLE FASHION TOUR

Thursday, April 16th 2009, in the beautiful land of France 3D Thursday, April 16th 2009, in the beautiful land of France 3D officially started the Italian International Fashion Tour, the event from an idea of Annemarie Perenti (Best of Italian Style and Piazza Italia owner, above) that promote the italian fashion through Second Life.

Agtaope Carter fashion Director of the Bestar and organizer of the shows.

Twenty italian designers present their outfits, shown on the most famous catwalks of SL by 26 international top models, a unique occasion to see the very best of italian style, so don't miss our next appointments:

- April 18th bythe japanese sim of As Know As (where there was even the famous television SLTV to broadcast the show)
- April 22nd by the spanish sim of Barcelona Plaza Real
- April 29th by the american sim of Bogar's Jazz Club & Shop
- May 6th by the dutch sim of Modelx Dutch Beauty

And to give you an idea of what you could see, just take a look there, our lovely models in the backstage and on the catwalk of France 3D...and the catwalk of the Japan 'S SIM

THE STAGE FOR FRANCE 3D= build by Annemarie Perenti and decorate by Agy with MORANTIQUE furnitures by Mo Miasma:))
Agy is wearing an amazing gown by Stefanie Seaton "Cinderella Rasberrie"
Agy is wearing "Abracadabra" by Barbarella Cioc -= B! FASHION =
Agy is wearing Aubis Style "Linnda"

Flory is wearing Brenda Clellon = Serpenti.
Dahlia is wearing Babele mini skirt blue
here we are backstage Flori, Tabata, Emeraldeyes Salvo and Salvo.
Veronica for the skins , the jewells, and Babele underwear.

Tabata wearin Meb.

Emeraldeyes wearing Alatiel fashion .


agy is wearing from alba rossini "Erato"and hair from Tukinowaguma
Agy is wearing for ALATIEL FASHION "Queen"and hair from Tukinowaguma

Agy is wearing Addoro Mew vanessa and hair from Tukinowaguma

lundi 13 avril 2009


is proud to present
For the first time in Second Life !
The BEST OF ITALIAN STYLE and PIAZZA ITALIA sims house under the same roof more than 40 SL Italian fashion designers. In a new effort to promote Italian fashion throughout SL, the BESTAR is organizing an extraordinary event: an itinerant fashion show with more than 20 Italian designers and 26 international top models.

In the next few weeks the show will touch several foreign lands showing Italian dresses, jewelry, and skins to an international public.

At the same time will be an opportunity for the Italian public to get to know these wonderful places and to promote collaboration and alliance among lands. Here are the lands part of our journey.

April 15, 2 pm SLTime, France 3D , FRANCE

April 18 The Japanese event, which is supported by As Know As Co. Ltd. a RL fashion house,

and SLTV, will be held in the "As Know As" sim, JAPAN.

April 22, 2 pm SLTime, BARCELONA Plaza Real, SPAIN

April 29, 3 pm SLTime - Bogart's Jazz Club & Shops, USA

May 6, 2pm SLTime - MODELX Dutch Beauty and Fashion, HOLLAND

The models chosen for these events after a very difficult selection process are : Mimmi Boa, Tabata Jewell, Veronica Krasner, EmeraldEyes Honi, Kate Stockholm, Olyvia Zenovka, Tesan Lane, Payton Heron, Kay Fairey, Flori Laval, Dahlia Joubert, Bourbon Zenovka, Sharron Schuman, LaBella Forcella, Poptart Lilliehook, Wenadrenia Soderstrom, Agtaope Carter, Chamonix Boudreaux, Ivyana Szondi, Krystanna Wycliffe, Linnda Scofield, Tiffany Dragonash, Rhonda Pennell, Maura Taurog. Male Models: Allenclive Beaumont, Jens Marksman, Phillip Dollinger, Salvo Waydelich.

vendredi 3 avril 2009


Here in secondlife there is many designers with nice skins; but all i can say is that GLANCE is my best choose because its so special face details that make you look unique in sl:))

i have win the february contest and im so proud to say that my picture is on the shop.

GLANCE makes outfit too now .go take a look you will not loose time.....

here the denise skin :)))

photographers: cynthia smit; beyonce kuhn,

outfit: first :anubis, second: house of beningborough

vendredi 27 mars 2009

dimanche 8 mars 2009

Agy close up by Elysium Eilde:))

Here im wearing an amazing skin by Glance:)
its a beautifull brand for special skin....

hair=!lamb. Breeze r
earring =(creamshop) glam
shortbolero:bijou: Blaze
Dress= Mimikri - Darcie safari
LEGGINGS/browns=LeLutka -
boots= Tesla - Kensington Chokolate b

idea from secondguru blog


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Payton Heron wears ORAGE Creations by Elettra Gausman

Agtaope Carter wears "Renoir Chrysanthemum" by Lady Thera

Great event last Tuesday February 24, 2009
18 of the Best Italian Fashion Designers
18 of their Best Carnival Evening Dresses
18 of the Best SL Supermodels
On the exclusive double-SIM runway!
Photography by
Sharron Shuman
Music by the amazing DJ Summer Deadlight
In collaboration with Jennyfer Miles and Elettra Gausman